Outdoor Shooting Targets

Luis Clark
16 min readMar 23, 2024



If you’re a keen shooter, then selecting the right target for your outdoor adventures is a crucial aspect of your range experience. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor shooting targets on the market to help you choose the one that suits your needs best. From clay targets to electronic devices, our roundup covers everything you need to know to make an informed decision, so let’s dive in.

The Top 10 Best Outdoor Shooting Targets

  1. Know Your Limits 22lr Rimfire Airgun NRL Target: Elevate Your Shooting Skills — Experience ultimate precision and fun with the KYL Know Your Limits Target, designed for 22lr rimfire and airgun shooting enthusiasts, featuring durable AR500 steel paddles, spinner design, and a comprehensive training experience for all skill levels.
  2. Improve Your Shooting Skills with Do All Outdoors 22 Spinner Rimfire Target Set — Bring your marksmanship to the next level with the Do All Outdoors 22 Spinner Rimfire target set, designed specifically for .22 rimfire maximum airguns and offering vibrant colors for excellent visibility.
  3. Compact .22 Rimfire Triple Spinner Shooting Target — Improve your marksmanship with the Do-All Triple Spinner — a hands-free, all-steel target set designed specifically for .22 rimfire airguns, featuring interchangeable spinning targets and vibrant colors for exceptional visibility.
  4. Realistic .22 Prairie Popper Target for Outdoor Shooting — The Do-All Outdoors 22pp .22 Prairie Popper Steel Target offers a true-to-life shooting experience, long-lasting durability, and seamless self-repair for a realistic and engaging training session!
  5. Practice Perfect Shots with the Durable Handgun Auto Reset Target — Pistol Shooting Training — Master precision shooting with the Do-All Outdoors Handgun Auto Reset Target, featuring durable steel construction, high visibility targets, and a hands-free resetting system.
  6. Versatile AR500 Gong Target for Competitive Shooting — Elevate your target shooting experience with the Caldwell AR500 Gong Target — a versatile, durable, and visually striking option for competition, training, and recreational use, now available in yellow for enhanced visibility.
  7. Easy-to-Use Shooting Targets for Training & Competition — Experience the simplicity and fun of shooting targets with SimpleShot’s Spinner Targets, earning a solid 4.9-star rating and 80 positive reviews from satisfied customers.
  8. Ultra Durable AR500 4" Bullseye Shooting Target — Experience the thrill of precision shooting with ShootingTargets7’s AR500 Bullseye Target, featuring a 4-inch center target for an entertaining challenge and yellow zinc plating for superior spall protection, making it the gold standard for all shooters.
  9. Digital Nerf Light-Up Shooting Target for Kids — Bring the excitement of a Nerf battle to your child’s room with the Nerf Digital Light-Up Target, featuring interactive gameplay modes, adjustable support, and immersive sound and light effects!
  10. Unpredictable Self-Healing Shooting Target — The Do-All Outdoors Hot Box 4-inch Ground Bouncer Self-Healing Shooting Target is an unpredictable, high-performance Reactive Target for .22-.50 caliber ammo, offering a long-lasting, fun, and challenging shooting experience.


Know Your Limits 22lr Rimfire Airgun NRL Target: Elevate Your Shooting Skills


I recently tried out the KYL Know Your Limits 22lr Rimfire Airgun NRL Target and had quite an experience. The first thing that struck me was the impressive quality of the materials and construction. The paddles, ranging from 1/4" to 2", are strong and sturdy, capable of handling all rimfire ammo without any issues.

One of the highlights was the variety of targets it offered, catering to shooters of all skill levels. The spinning design of the paddles added an element of fun and challenge, making each shooting session more enjoyable. The KYL target system is not only great for recreational shooting but also for serious training, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to improve their skills.

However, the size of the target may not be ideal for everyone. While it works well for indoor ranges and backyards, it might be overwhelming for some shooters, especially beginners. Additionally, the weight of the paddles could make it a bit difficult to store or transport, which might be a concern for some users.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the KYL Know Your Limits 22lr Rimfire Airgun NRL Target is a high-quality, durable, and fun target system that can greatly enhance your shooting experience. With a wide range of paddle sizes, long-lasting construction, and an element of challenge in every shot, this target is definitely worth considering for your next shooting session.

Improve Your Shooting Skills with Do All Outdoors 22 Spinner Rimfire Target Set


I recently tried out this Do All Outdoors 22 Spinner Rimfire target set for my daily shooting practice. The first thing that stood out to me was the vibrant red and yellow color, making it easy to spot even from a distance. The set-up was straightforward and secure, thanks to the four stabilizing legs. I noticed that the spinning targets were interchangeable, which added an element of fun and challenge to my practice sessions.

One of the best features of this target set was its all-steel construction. It held up well against the force of the bullets, and the slots on each target allowed me to easily attach the spinning targets. I also appreciated that it worked well with paper targets, giving me more options to test my marksmanship.

At 7.6" x 10" x 2.5" and weighing 3lbs, this target set was portable and easy to transport to the range. Overall, I had a great experience using this Do All Outdoors 22 Spinner Rimfire target set, and it helped me improve my accuracy and enjoy a more convenient shooting practice.

Compact .22 Rimfire Triple Spinner Shooting Target


Imagine being out at the range, trying to improve your shooting skills with your. 22 rifle or pistol. That’s where the Do-All Triple Spinner comes in handy. With its durable all-steel construction and vibrant red and yellow colors, this target set is a game-changer for soft-nosed. 22 shooters.

Setting up the target is a breeze as it comes with four stabilizing legs, providing a secure base for your practice sessions. The interchangeable spinning targets are designed to fit perfectly on the attachment bar, making it easy to replace them when you need to. The included high-vis target stickers make it even more visible, helping you spot your shots.

Although I’ve only used it a few times, the Do-All Triple Spinner has already made a difference in my marksmanship. The force of the bullet spinning it back into position after each shot has been both challenging and rewarding. However, I did notice a few paint chips after a couple of rounds, but that’s easily remedied with a touch-up of spray paint.

One downside is that it’s not the biggest target out there, so accuracy may suffer if you’re not used to smaller targets. But overall, the Do-All Triple Spinner is an excellent addition to any. 22 shooter’s practice setup, offering a convenient and effective way to improve your skills.

Realistic .22 Prairie Popper Target for Outdoor Shooting


I recently had the chance to use the Do All Outdoors. 22 Prairie Popper Target, and let me tell you, it delivered on the true-to-life shooting experience it promised! The realistic representation of a prairie dog silhouette is spring-loaded and rated for. 22 caliber firearms, making it perfect for target practice. Built with high-quality steel for both the target plate and base, this product is undeniably durable and long-lasting.

One of the most exciting features for me was the popping action with every direct hit to the target. The strong, concealed springs provided a satisfying thud each time I took aim and fired my. 22. The dimensions of approximately 5 x 4 x 11 inches were also perfect for my small backyard setup.

While this target worked great for various bullet types and calibers with minimal impact damage, I did notice that it was particularly susceptible to hotter loads or larger bullets. Some users even mentioned having to bend the target back and paint it after some intense shooting sessions.

Overall, the Do All Outdoors. 22 Prairie Popper Target provided endless hours of fun and target-practice enjoyment for both novice and experienced shooters. It would be a great addition to any backyard range or for those who like to plink around with their. 22 firearms.

Practice Perfect Shots with the Durable Handgun Auto Reset Target — Pistol Shooting Training


The Do-All Outdoors Handgun Auto Reset Target was a game-changer for me when it came to refining my shooting skills. This durable, steel-constructed target with powder-coated paint felt solid and reliable, standing up to the frequent use it faced in my backyard range.

I found that the stabilizing ground spikes were essential in keeping the target from wobbling or turning over, even when I was shooting from considerable distances. The forward-leaning design was thoughtful, as it helped deflect bullets downward, ensuring increased safety for everyone around. And speaking of safety, the high-visibility targets made it easy to see when a shot had hit the mark, giving me confidence in my aim.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks. While the target held up well against most calibers, I noticed that a few pins that held the spinning plates together got damaged after a while. I had to replace them with nails to keep the target functional. Additionally, the long bolts on the rear of the stand made it more challenging to work with, especially when the long bolts got bent from a stray shot.

Overall, the Handgun Auto Reset Target from Do-All Outdoors provided hours of fun and improved my shooting skills significantly. Despite the minor drawbacks, the target’s durability, functionality, and ease of use made it a valuable addition to my backyard range.

Versatile AR500 Gong Target for Competitive Shooting


After trying out the Caldwell Yellow Gong AR500 Target, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by its durability and ease of use. The bright yellow coloring made it easy to spot, even from a distance, and the convenient mounting holes made it simple to hang.

One of the key highlights was its ability to withstand frequent use without showing any signs of wear and tear. The 3/8 steel construction not only offers a high level of durability but also ensures that the target can handle the impact of high-velocity rounds. The adjustable hanging solutions were also a nice feature, allowing for flexibility when setting up the target.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to mention. The first is the lack of included hangers, which means you’ll have to purchase them separately. The second is that the target might be a bit heavy, which could be a concern for some users, especially when carrying it around.

Overall, the Caldwell Yellow Gong Target is a reliable and versatile choice for any shooting enthusiast. Its durability and convenience make it a great addition to any range setup, and the bright yellow coloring ensures that it’s always easy to find.

Easy-to-Use Shooting Targets for Training & Competition


In my daily life of practicing my slingshot skills, I’ve come across these SimpleShot Spinner Targets that truly make a difference in terms of accuracy and consistency. The 2cm disk target has remarkably enhanced my skills, allowing me to aim small and miss small. The satisfying “smack” and movement upon hitting the target provide ample positive feedback, reinforcing my progress and keeping me motivated.

These targets offer a great deal of versatility, as they can be arranged in various ways to create unique shooting experiences. They’re robust and durable, withstanding plenty of punishment from my 5/16 steel ammo. Although they fade in sunlight relatively quickly, this minor caveat is easily compensated by their overall performance.

The Spinner Targets deliver a satisfying shooting experience, enhancing my accuracy and providing a fun and engaging addition to my catch box. I’d definitely recommend them for anyone looking to improve their skills or simply have a good time practicing their favorite slingshot target sport.

Ultra Durable AR500 4" Bullseye Shooting Target


I’ve had the opportunity to try out the 1/4 inch AR500 Bullseye Shooting Target by ShootingTargets7, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer in the world of rifle shooting. The target is a silver finish AR500 steel, which not only gives a nice aesthetic look but also provides excellent durability and protection against spalls.

The main highlight of this target is its unique center, which provides a fun and exciting challenge for shooters. Hitting the center results in a unique sound and really draws your focus, making it a blast to shoot. The target also features a yellow zinc plated surface that is clean, rust-free, and provides superior spall protection. This feature is often referred to as the “gold standard” in the shooting world, and it’s apparent why once you start using it.

Now, on to the pros and cons. One definite pro is the ease of setting up the target. All you need is a little bit of paint and the provided T-post, and you’re ready to go. You can also customize the target to fit your shooting style, be it pistol or rifle, by making slight adjustments such as height or position.

One con I encountered was the packaging. The box was pretty much demolished when it arrived, and this could be an issue for some customers. However, I’ve found that in most cases, the product itself is worth overlooking this aspect.

Overall, my experience with the 1/4 inch AR500 Bullseye Shooting Target by ShootingTargets7 has been incredibly positive. If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, and versatile target for your rifle shooting, this one is definitely worth considering.

Digital Nerf Light-Up Shooting Target for Kids


The Nerf Digital Light-Up Target is a fantastic addition to any Nerf gun collection. I particularly love the interactive light and sound effects, which make the game more exciting and engaging for everyone. One of my favorite features is that it can be played with various game modes and is compatible with most Nerf blasters. The digital scoreboard accurately tracks scores, making this suitable for both single and team play.

While the target itself is well-built and sturdy, I found the loudness of the sound effects to be a bit unnecessary. It can be quite annoying especially if I want to play with the target in the evening. Additionally, some of the game modes can be quite challenging for younger players, so that’s something to consider.

Overall, the Nerf Digital Light-Up Target is a great choice for both kids and adults. Its unique features and compatibility with a wide range of Nerf blasters make it stand out among other shooting targets.

Unpredictable Self-Healing Shooting Target


When reviewing the Do-All Outdoors Hot Box 4 inch Ground Bouncer Self-Healing Shooting Target Rated for. 22-. 50 Caliber, I found myself enjoying the spontaneity and fun it brought to my shooting range adventures. The bright orange color made the target easily visible, and the ability to self-heal meant I didn’t have to worry about fixing it after every shot.

In my experience, the target performed exceptionally well with various ammo types, from small calibers to larger ones. It was quite satisfying to see the target bounce and gyrate in the air after being hit, adding an element of excitement to my shooting practice.

However, I did notice that the ground bouncer’s mobility depended on the terrain — it moved more on hard ground compared to soft clay or mud. Additionally, I had a few instances where the target shattered after being hit with a 9mm bullet.

Overall, the Do-All Outdoors Hot Box Ground Bouncer is a fun and innovative target for shooting enthusiasts. Despite the occasional shattering issue, its self-healing capabilities and ability to handle different calibers make it a worthwhile addition to any shooting range.

Buyer’s Guide

When you’re looking for outdoor shooting targets, the choices can be overwhelming. To make the most of your outdoor shooting experience, consider factors like material, design, portability, and visibility. This buyer’s guide will help you to choose the right target for your needs.


Important features to consider

  1. Material: Outdoor shooting targets are typically made of materials such as paper, foam, or even steel. Paper and foam targets are usually more affordable and suitable for casual shooting; however, they might not be durable enough for heavy-duty use or long-term practice. Steel targets, on the other hand, are more expensive but last much longer and can withstand multiple shots without significant damage.

Design consideration

The design of the target should be simple and easy to understand. Common designs include bullseye, human-shaped silhouettes, or even animal silhouettes. To ensure you’re getting the most benefit from your target, look for one that corresponds to what you plan to practice shooting at (e. g. , moving targets or specific body parts for sport shooting).


Portability & visibility

If you plan on taking your target to different outdoor shooting ranges, make sure to consider its portability. An ideal target should be lightweight and easy to transport, yet still sturdy and durable enough to withstand occasional bumps and knocks. Also, ensure the target is visible from a distance, making it easier for you to accurately aim at it.

Choosing the right type and number of targets

The type and number of targets you choose will depend on your shooting preferences and skill level. For beginners, it might be beneficial to start with a single, large target like a bullseye, then gradually add more complex targets as you gain experience. When selecting targets, think about the type of shooting you’ll be doing (e. g. , recreational, competitive, or self-defense) and choose products suited to your needs.



What are the advantages of using outdoor shooting targets?

Outdoor shooting targets provide an excellent way to improve marksmanship skills in a safe and controlled environment. They allow shooters to practice at various distances and angles, simulate different types of game, and develop familiarity with their firearms. Moreover, using targets outdoors offers a more realistic experience, as it replicates real-world hunting conditions.

Additionally, outdoor shooting targets are easy to set up and store, and they come in various sizes and materials, allowing shooters to choose the best option for their specific needs. Overall, using outdoor shooting targets significantly enhances the training experience and helps shooters develop confidence in their abilities.


What materials are outdoor shooting targets made of?

Outdoor shooting targets are typically made of durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions and multiple shots. Common materials include paper, plastic, and metal. Paper targets are suitable for various types of ammunition, whereas plastic and metal targets are more resistant to damage from high-velocity rounds.

It is essential to choose the right target material based on the type of shooting practice and the caliber of ammunition being used. Some targets are designed to be easily resettable, making them convenient for multiple shots or practice sessions. Ultimately, selecting the appropriate target material ensures a safe, efficient, and enjoyable shooting experience.

How do I choose the right size of outdoor shooting target?

The size of an outdoor shooting target depends on the shooter’s skill level and the type of shooting practice. For beginners, larger targets are recommended, as it provides a more substantial area to aim for and allows for easier tracking of hits. As the shooter becomes more proficient, smaller targets can be introduced to increase the level of difficulty and challenge.

In general, targets come in various sizes, ranging from 4-inch circular targets to 24-inch paper targets. For rifle shooting, 8–12 inch circular targets with bullseyes or silhouettes are common, while for pistol shooting, 4–8 inch targets are ideal. It is essential to select the right target size that matches the shooter’s abilities and their intended shooting practice.


What are some of the best outdoor shooting targets available on the market?

Some of the top outdoor shooting targets include:

  1. QUICK! Staple Steel Targets by NAP, 2) Silhouette Targets by Shooting Targets USA, and 3) Gong-Target by RM Outfitters. All of these targets are designed to withstand multiple shots, are easy to set up and store, and are suitable for various shooting practices.

Each target offers its unique features and benefits. For example, QUICK! Staple Steel Targets are available in different sizes and offer exceptional durability, while Silhouette Targets by Shooting Targets USA provide a realistic target experience for hunters. Gong-Target by RM Outfitters is an innovative target designed to produce a loud audible sound on impact, making it perfect for training sessions or competitive events.

Are there any safety precautions to consider when using outdoor shooting targets?

Yes, safety should always be a top priority when using outdoor shooting targets. Some essential safety precautions include following established safety guidelines, wearing appropriate safety gear, and ensuring the target is in a safe and designated shooting area. It is also crucial to maintain situational awareness and be aware of other people or objects nearby.

Additionally, proper target placement and backstop are critical for ensuring safety. The target should be placed at a safe distance from spectators, non-shooters, and other objects that may be damaged by stray bullets. A suitable backstop, such as a berm or a concrete wall, should be used to prevent bullets from traveling beyond the designated shooting area. Following these safety precautions will ensure a productive and enjoyable shooting experience.

How should I dispose of used outdoor shooting targets?

Used outdoor shooting targets should be disposed of properly to prevent any potential hazards or environmental harm. Some safe disposal options include:

  1. Recycling, if the target material is recyclable, 2) Properly disposing of hazardous waste materials, such as lead-based targets, and 3) Composting biodegradable materials, like paper targets. It is essential to follow local regulations and guidelines for disposing of used targets in an environmentally responsible manner.

Moreover, it is recommended to clean up any spent bullet casings, paper fragments, or debris left behind after shooting sessions. This not only ensures the shooting area remains safe and clean but also respects the environment and other users of the area. By disposing of used targets and debris responsibly, shooters can continue to enjoy outdoor shooting activities while minimizing the impact on the environment.